Huawei ban for MWC 2019 inaccurate, according to GSMA

Saturday, February 09, 2019

GSMA, as representative of mobile network operatives, denied a Huawei Ban for MWC 19. They’re the organizers of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. A report by Reuters had said GSMA requested for Huawei’s equipment to be banned at MWC 2019, something they denied, calling the report inaccurate and not factual, adding that they don’t have the power to ban any supplier. GSMA has since requested Reuters to fix the inaccuracy.

GSMA has mentioned a director’s meeting that’s held every year for current topic discussion, without finalized agenda but to expect much buzz on 5G tech. Huawei has been hard at work to bring 5G support for all devices, as well as providing the related equipment for major telecom operators globally.

Other companies, like Nokia, Samsung and LG, to start, are expected to be bringing new technologies and devices to the Barcelona MWC.

Source: Gizchina