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Samsung SGH L170 review

Samsung SGH L170 review
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Retail Price: RM 380
AP Price: N/A
The ultra compact size and chic design make this mobile a must-have functioning accessory for trendsetters. The minimalist details look sharp in the glossy reflective finish with platinum metal-like accents. From the keypad to the touch keys that blend effortlessly into the mobileís design, this phone is the perfect accompaniment to anybody's stylishly sophisticated appearance.
Review On : Samsung SGH L170
Review by: Jonathan Cheah
At A Glance:

Local Distributor: First Mobile Group Sdn Bhd
Build quality: 8/10
Applications: 7/10
Interface: 7/10
Overall rating:7/10
+ 3G capable
+ Protected MicroSD slot
+ Chrome finish to the metal casing
- Niggardly 20 MB memory
- No headset or cables
- Ridged keypad hurts fingertips

Samsung L170
Samsung L170 Samsung L170

The Samsung L170 is a candybar device, with a small screen and a curious ridged keypad that was rather hard on the fingers after a few presses. The entire device is chromed and looked really nice.
In the box
- Handset Transceiver
- Battery (standard battery)
- Charger
Samsung L170 Samsung 

Samsung L170 Samsung 

Samsung L170 Samsung L170

The exterior is chromed as we mentioned earlier, which is rather nice and shiny. However, such a surface has a propensity to pick up fingerprints, and so it did. The chromed shell appears to be metallic, which would explain the solid feel one gets when picking up the device.
The Camera lens is on the back of the device. The left side of the phone has a shortcut button, and a recessed and covered port where the headset or the charger plugs in. The right side of the phone has the camera button, and the toggle button is also found here.
Samsung L170
Samsung L170 Samsung L170

The buttons are white on black with a white colour backlight. The ridged effect is a curious one that we havenít seen on other devices before. The numbered part of each key is on a ridge and the alphabetical part of that same key is in a valley, creating a wavy effect that you can feel through your fingertips.
Samsung L170 Samsung L170

This needs a little getting used too, causing a bit of discomfort to the tips of the fingers which would be amplified by constant SMS typing. The Send and End keys have these pinpoint dots of orange and green which were rather dim and seemed to have been added as an afterthought.
The really small screen of 176 x 220 pixels was a bit of a surprise given that the area above the keypad appeared to be large enough to support something akin to a Series-40 size screen. The screen is rated as being a 262K TFT one but we found it rather dim and a little straining to the eyes.
Samsung L170

The 3 x 3 grid of icons occupies the main menu screen. It was in one colour, with the selected icon lighting up in a brighter colour than its surroundings.
Samsung L170 Samsung L170

The messaging at first glance appears to be limited to SMS and email. The option for MMS is there, but it is buried inside the menu. You will have to start an SMS and then use the options menu to change your SMS into an MMS.
The PIM section is under the Applications menu. It has the usual Calendar and Alarms, plus the World Clock, Timer and Stopwatch applications as well.
Samsung L170 Samsung 


There are Memo and Task applications, and Calculator and Converter applets as well. These are standard applications, but there are no other Office-type software installed into the phone.
The camera is a 2.0 megapixel capable of shooting at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. There are fewer effects compared to other devices that we have seen. This phone has sepia, watercolour and negative effects.
Samsung L170 Samsung 


You can choose between single and multi shot modes, and the camera also gives you the option of snapping a Mosaic Shot and Frame Shot. The video records at 176 x 144 pixels with pretty much the same effects as available to the camera.
There are only a pitiful 20MBs of memory on the phone and we had a devil of a time trying to figure out where the card slot was without the manual. We finally found it under the SIM card slot, protected by the battery cover.
Samsung L170 Samsung L170

There is no headset in our box, and there was no indication that headsets are given together in the sales package. There was a radio option in the applications menu, and thankfully we were able to fit the headset from the F250 into the provided slot.
The music was a little grainy compared to what we experienced on the F250. Maybe this pair of headphones was not meant for use with this phone. We put the audio through the speakers and it sounded like a small radio.
Surprisingly, this is 3G phone with an option to use UMTS connections. Perhaps it is not such a budget phone after all. However, the screen is much too small to enjoy surfing comfortably.
Samsung L170 Samsung 


There is support for GPRS up to Class 10 and up to Class 11 for the EDGE. Local connections are available in the form of a USB connector out of the port on the side of the phone and Bluetooth. However, there was no USB cable in our review package.
We found no data cards in this package either, so you might want to bring this matter up with the dealer if you intend to purchase the device over the counter.
There are no pre-installed games in the device.
Editorís Opinion
We donít have a price for this phone, but an educated guess puts it around RM 1000 based on current competing prices. Anything much more than that and youíd be better off buying a competing device.
A 2 megapixel camera and 3G connectivity option are considered entry-level specifications right now. I thought the miniscule onboard memory of 20MB to be rather ridiculous, but liked the protected data card slot under the battery cover.
However, the missing headset, cable and manuals suggest that you might be roped into paying much more than you bargained for when buying this device. Check before you commit.
Conclusion: Sleek and shiny device. The chrome effect looks modern

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