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Samsung i8510 INNOV8 comments

Samsung i8510 INNOV8 comments
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Retail Price: RM 2,020
AP Price: N/A
Samsung is now getting ready release a new GPS integrated camera phone called Samsung i8510 INNOV8 which features 8.0 MP camera with autofocus and xenon flash.
Samsung i8510 INNOV8 user comments / reviews :

Posted On : April 05, 2010
Original Innov8. Good Condition, Normal usage scratch
Phone, Charger, usb cable, earphone
RM 800 nego

Posted On : December 08, 2009
is this phone very big? can fit into a jeans pocket?

Posted On : July 30, 2009
may i ask if innov8 has new firmware to be updated? tq

Posted On : May 25, 2009

Rm1868 for the 16gb and Rm1687 for the 8gb

Posted On : December 17, 2008

totally agree..!!!!

Posted On : December 15, 2008
not worthy.. save ur money (unless ur goin for camera phone) but for
me, nokia still the best with symbian phone. huhu.. price almost top
RM3000, huh, what a waste of money. better buy n85, only RM1600
(everything u want in a phone, 8g, n-gage, just that its 5mp) even
better than n96.
Even if u have that much money, think twice, buy smart. Buy a nokia
phone and a 10+mp canon digicam. No regrets.. phone is for connecting
people (see the revolutionary n97, thats how a mobile phone should be
use as, not as a camera)

Posted On : December 10, 2008
Well nokia guy...if u wait till 6 months, any phone price will drop man...soner, LG, moto, samsung, nokia, nukia, nekia, whatever...
Technology will become cheaper and i think, don't wait for 6 months if something is good for today..b'cause tommorow the new ones will pop up again and again...and my oppinion, innov8 has everything good enough for today, not for another 6 months..
If nokia will release it's 8 mpx cam phone on february i agree that innov8's price will cut off by then, but i don't think samsung corp. already gone fishing just b'cause they have this innov8...surely, the innov9 10 11 12 and others will out from the cave too, so they can do the same thing with their rivals like t'day..thx
btw, i use 2 handsets, soner W960 and innov8, not one brand m

Posted On : November 22, 2008
lg murah dr xperia... lagi bagus and lagi cun....

Posted On : November 20, 2008
the bad thing about samsung phones is that they have no cheap AP sets! otherwise, this is the king of camera, best sound quality, best video with support for the elusive avi and divx format( no need to covert videos anymore!)..wait until february, nokia will release its 8mp phone, then this phone wil surely have a significant price cut..hehe

Posted On : November 14, 2008
psal dgr lagu tu.. aku rs pakai software LCG jukebox xde masalah kot sbb dia bley tukar ke mini-mode bila kita exit ke main menu atau slide close phone tuh..

anyway aku rasa this is probably the best samsung hp.. sbb pakai symbian latest, battery life 1200mAh (n96 800mAh je, nokia E61i atau E71 bateri 1500mAh), 8mp camera (tp led flash, bukan xenon flash), built-in 8gb or 16gb (amik ko iphone! siap bley tmbh memory slot lg haha).. tp syg, aku prefer kalo keypad nye qwerty mcm e71.. tp harga nye mak aii.. mcm harga iphone 3G daaa..
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