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Samsung Ch@t 322 comments

Samsung Ch@t 322 comments
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Retail Price: RM 259
AP Price: N/A
Hot off the heels of the Samsung E1252 that was launched earlier today, the South Korean firm has introduced another handset that is capable of holding two sim cards: the Ch@t 322. Itís got a QWERTY keyboard, a first in the dual SIM market as far as Iím aware, and comes with a feature phone operating system that bundles applications to bring users easier access to their email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo! and MSN social networks. Itís got a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, and while there isnít a price tag, I bet itís going to be really cheap. The Ch@t 322 launches in Russia next month and then itíll be coming to India and Asia shortly after. No word on Europe, but weíre probably going to see it on the grey market in no time.
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Posted On : October 02, 2011 jgk gn tpon skrg da cheap la smlm@1/10/2011 rm199 + rm35 mmry card k la...wane white lg comel gn sim 2 x yah byak2 tpon gn Dlm iklan metro 23/9 ari 2 kuar...gombira ht....

Posted On : July 21, 2011
bagus.. boleh sms free guna bluetooth chat. dia punya optical trackpad laju (so smooth). bagus drp beli hanset china dual sim. yg ni warranty 1 tahun. leh install games. ringan dan menawan mcm bissnes phone. rm 290 + mmry crd 2gig. earphone bleh guna jnis mana2 phone aslkan 3.5mm audio jack

Posted On : June 10, 2011
hyee kawan2...i ingin nak beli hp nie...apa pendapata anda?
miss M

Posted On : February 03, 2011
hye zamri. brp awk beli phone tu?n kat mane je awk beli? thanksss @zamri.

Posted On : January 28, 2011
sy dah beli phone tu tapi sayang...earphone tak disertakan sekali dlm terpaksa cari dan beli sendiri kat kedai yg jual handphone tapi tak ada...terpaksa kena beli kat centre samsung...mahalnyaaa

Posted On : January 17, 2011
plz send to me all detail

Posted On : December 19, 2010
ni hp bajet.. takde wifi, takde 3G.. utk org yg suke sms leh la...

Posted On : December 16, 2010
rm359 je.. kluar kt paper the star semalam.

Posted On : December 05, 2010
sy suka phone chat 322 tu..bila ia akan keluar dan brp harganya

Posted On : October 21, 2010
cute nye..bape rm ni ek

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