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Nokia E61i review

Nokia E61i review
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Retail Price: RM 1,475
AP Price: RM 1,140 - 1,170
Nokia E61i, designed specifically for extensive mobile email usage, provides advanced attachment handling with on-the-device document editing.
Review On : Nokia E61i
Review by: Jonathan Cheah
At A Glance:

Local Distributor: Nokia Malaysia (M) Sdn Bhd / Avaxx
Contact : 1-300-88-1600
Build quality: 9/10
Applications: 10/10
Interface: 10/10
Value-for-money: 9/10
Overall rating: 9.5/10
+ Large widescreen
+ Bluetooth and Infrared
+ Protected MicroSD slot
+ 3G capable
+ 2.0 MP Camera
+ WiFi
- Large physical size

Nokia E61i Review

The Nokia E61i is an upgrade of the Nokia E61, possibly one of the more popular in the E-range of Nokia devices. It is easily recognisable as the second in a series of Nokia devices that boasts a full keyboard in the style of a BlackBerry.
It is the second Series-60 type Symbian with a wide screen and a slightly more populated icon layout in the menu.

In the box
  • Handset Transceiver
  • Battery (standard battery)
  • Charger
  • Headset
  • Data Cable
  • User manuals
  • CD

    There are a few improvements made to the E61i when compared against the E61, which is usually the case when Nokia puts an i suffix to a model number. For starters, the E61i now has a 2 megapixel camera built into the back of the device
    The other noticeable difference is that the model number and the word Nokia have been etched onto the metal part on top of the screen. The device is slightly smaller and flatter than before and more spacing has been added between the keys.

    The joystick on the E61 is now a ring-like control navigator and comes with a button that can be pressed down in the middle of said ring. The shortcut keys are laid out a little differently from the preceding device.

    The buttons are still in silver colour just as it was before, but the rest of the casing is half-silver and half-black whereas the original E61 was an all-silver device. The screen is the same one used in the E61, a QVGA 320 x 240 pixel one.
    This OS used is still the third edition of the Series-60 platform, running a Symbian 9.1 operating system. Nothing has changed, except for a few extra freebie applications that have shown up in the period between the first and second E61 phones.

    The E61i supports SMS and MMS, and its email protocols extend to IMAP, POP and SMTP. The phone has IM and it supports Push to Talk Connectivity. An icon marked Yahoo Mail Plus has been added to the messaging menu.
    There are Symbian versions of Office applications here, and the landscape screen does improve the user experience at working on a mobile device.

    The Document application is a word processor, and it saves files in DOC or TXT format. It does not have a spellchecker application, but the QWERTY keyboard of the device does help in getting a lot of text onto the screen rather quickly, especially since the tactile response of the buttons appears to be a little better than before.
    The Sheet application allows the user to view and edit Excel documents. However, the Presentation application is very noteworthy. You have the ability to edit or to create a presentation right on the device and this makes it unnecessary to lug around a laptop and projector setup to business meetings.
    The Calendar application still looks great on the wide screen, whether in monthly or weekly view. However, that much empty space looks a little funny in the Clock application. An application for Zip can also be seen in the menu.

    A 2 megapixel camera is considered to be the biggest upgrade to the E61i. The surprising part is how Nokia managed to engineer a slimmer device despite this obvious addition to the phone. The camera has a digital zoom of up to 4x.

    This is an average Nokia camera with regular Nokia lenses. It is meant for short videos and medium quality pictures, and does not come with a flash LED. There are night and sequence shot modes, and you can adjust the white balance and the colour tone, but there are no colour filters built into the viewfinder.
    The wider screen of the device is a great plus point for Internet surfing, as you will get to see more of the screen when browsing. The web browser has been updated and displays more webpages then before because of increased compatibility.

    The audio player has an equalizer and supports streaming for a wide variety of formats including AAC, MP3, MP4, MIDI and SP- MIDI. Video is well-supported in this phone, and the video ringtone feature might eventually become very popular in the market. The Video recorder and player features complement each other and can be streamed between compatible devices.
    The E61 comes with both Bluetooth and infrared connectivity. The infrared port is at the bottom of the phone and is barely noticeable to the casual glance. There is also a Pop-Port USB connector there, just next to the mini jack for the charger.
    The E61i supports WiFi just as its predecessor did. The 3G capabilities are still there, and the device comes with a slew of browsers including HTML and xHTML. Those browsers are fairly advanced and display more web pages than before. You can switch the connection over to GPRS when the 3G is not available.

    There is a Golf Pro 2 game in the device that we reviewed. This is essentially a smaller version of the golf games that used to be in video game arcades about a decade ago. The controls are mostly from the number pad and are fairly straightforward to learn.

    Editor's Opinion

    I did like this device before, and now that they have put in a fair 2 megapixel camera into it I would consider it as one of the devices I would buy in the future.
    Of course, there isnt a secondary camera for Video callsHowever, this device is like a mini laptop and is able to connect to wireless networks with its built-in WiFi. While similar to competing Palm, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, the E61i device has the advantage of attracting an already sizeable portion of users who are already comfortable with the Symbian interface.
    I think that it is more likely that the E61i will attract new users from other devices and brands instead of persuading existing E61 users to upgrade. If I had an E61, simply adding a camera to an existing device is not quite sufficient reason for me to upgrade.

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