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HTC ChaCha comments

HTC ChaCha comments
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Retail Price: RM 584
AP Price: RM 538 - 553
HTC ChaCha which has a special Facebook button. It features Android Gingerbread 2.3.3, the latest version, and uses the latest iteration of HTC Sense to integrate Facebook throughout the HTC Sense experience.
HTC ChaCha user comments / reviews :

Posted On : September 05, 2012
mulanya aku tgk mmg bttri nya x tahan lama kalau guna wifi atau 3G data connection tapi masalah ni settle bila aku guna power bank (11000+ mAh) dpt guna 2-3 hari internet..root & upgrade firmware, install blackmart & droidsail.dsapp2sdpro.apk - masalah low phone memory settle! Berbaloi beli hp ni :)

Posted On : August 22, 2012
Hp ni best!! Sebab xperlu type mesej guna touchscreen..memang laju type guna butang tu. Baru beli hp ni tak sampai setahun, ada sesiapa nak beli? Please email me sebab nak cuba galaxy note pulak :)
Anish Panthalani

Posted On : July 25, 2012
I have been using this around one year. I feel good with this.We don't compare the Android ph with Nokia's battery life.The only one drawback i hav noticed is internal Memory is low.

Posted On : May 20, 2012
Hw 2 del. The contcts tht sved frm facebook n othr social ntwrk

Posted On : February 07, 2012
BAD battery life..Just i have 4 hrs only..

Posted On : January 14, 2012
Keypad D/5 macam kurang respon bila tekan. perlu tekan dgn lbh kuat br ok..ada sapa2 alami mslh mcmn sy ni? atau pun cuma pkara biasa? Anyone has the same experience as me problm with keypad 5/D? need to push harder than other keypad becoz it's not really responsive as needed

Posted On : December 14, 2011
which color shud i choose. purple / white? opinion guys???? :)

Posted On : October 31, 2011
sad bout batery life... my frend phone nokia E72 still 1 batery bar even 5 days use..

Posted On : October 31, 2011
saya dah beli kat midvalley minggu lepas, sgt bagus, sound ms wat video pun oke..sound tuk dengar lagu pun suke hp ni..kalo x on wifi/internet n x main games, betri leh bertahan 2 hari tau..
Vinnie Tan

Posted On : October 27, 2011
i love this phone,its really suit to those who like to fb.easy to use.good for smartphone new user!
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