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Alcatel OT-800 review

Alcatel OT-800 review
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Review On : Alcatel OT-800

By Lim Pei Hao At a Glance

- Strong vibration
- Decent sound quality
- Good battery life

Cons: - Mediocre Camera
- No WiFi Support
- No GPS

Alcatel OT-800 review

In the box:
- Transceiver unit
- Batter charger
- miniUSB cable
- Headset
- PC Suite Software

Exterior, Controls and Screen
The Alcatel One Touch Chrome is a candybar phone with a full QWERTY keyboard below the screen. It has a 2.2-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The device looks big and has a dimension of 111 x 58.2 x 13.9 mm. Despite the size of the phone, it is surprisingly light and only weighs 102g.
Alcatel OT-800 review

The microSD card slot located on the left of the device, while the mini-USB port and slider on the right side. The top and the bottom of the phone remain clear of any buttons. Below the screen has a several functional buttons: buttons for call, end-call, menu, navigation, message and camera. The end-call button also acts as a power button.
Alcatel OT-800 review

The QWERTY keyboard's keys are arranged closely with little spacing in between keys. Plus, the keys itself are small in size. Both factors have contributed to the difficulty on typing in this device especially if you have a big thumbs and fingers. We found that we tend to accidentally input the keys adjacent to the key we wish to press.
In our opinion, the device has a solid battery Performance. It does not require frequent charging even after using the device the entire day. We used the device after a full-charge, then we did a few calls, text a few messages, snap a few pictures, record a video, play some games and the battery remains half-full.

Inside the menu, the user is greeted with a drawer of apps with a 4x3 arrangement. It has a total of 28 applications in the device, ranging from everyday utility, IM services, games and web browsers.
Alcatel OT-800 review

The OT-800 comes with several social apps such as Palringo and MyFriends. Palringo is a java-based chat application Palringo that allows you to chat with other people using Palringo account. User can also connect to other popular IM services through Palringo, such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. MyFriends is actually a bookmark with a list of social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, and Myspace.
Alcatel OT-800 review

It has a decent music player that shows visualisation while the music is playing. User has the option on tweaking the application’s equalizer that has bass, dance, classic, treble, party, pop and rock. There is even an alternative of playing the music via Bluetooth device. The music outputted from the device’s speaker is solid and it does not go out of tune when the volume is being maxed out. The notable drawback is the device does not have 3.5mm audio jack. User has to use the stock headset that could be plug into the device’s miniUSB.
Alcatel OT-800 review

There are three types of games provided in the device. In Balance Ball, the aim of the game is that the user controls the movement of the metallic ball by tilting the phone to the specific hole. It utilises the phone’s built-in accelerometer to control the movement of the metallic ball. This game is similar with HTC Teeter. Motorboat is a simple 2D game that maneuvers the boat (by moving the phone) across the obstacle. Finally, a mind challenging Loong Soduku is included as well.
In addition, the device has a number of utility applications. Surprisingly, pedometer and stopwatch are located inside the game folder instead of displaying as an individual app. Pedometer is an application that estimating the distance traveled on foot by recording the number of steps taken.
Other utility apps include calculator, calendar, clock, notes, tasks and unit converter.

Alcatel OT-800 review

The device comes with a 2-megapixel fixed focus. It captures image at the maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200. Hence, it produces mediocre image quality which looks out-of-focus and pixilated. The camera could be used as a webcam, making it an advantage for users who frequently travel and need to perform a video calling on-the-go. It is capable of installing its own drivers upon plugging into the computer, and it is compatible with common messaging clients such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype. In addition, the device records video with a resolution of in 3gp format which appears in a blur-ish video. The device is also unable to capture the sound properly, as the sound in the video is very soft.

The device is a tri-band phone which supports GSM 900/1800/1900 and Bluetooth 2.0. It also supports GPRS, EDGE and WAP 2.0 for data-connectivity. Unfortunately, it does not support WiFi. In addition, the Chrome comes with an Opera Mini web browser and a proprietary browser.

Alcatel One Touch Chrome OT-800 is a decent messaging device with good web browser and games. At the price of RM 399, this device is targeted at youths who need to keep in touch with friends and prefers a QWERTY keyboard for input.

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