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Sony Ericsson W760i

Sony Ericsson W760i
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Retail Price: RM 425
AP Price: N/A
The Sony Ericsson the W760/w760i, the first truly global Walkman® phone with tri-band HSDPA, enabling broadband speed downloads of the latest music and content wherever in the world it is used. Offering music on your mobile and much more, the phone delivers built-in GPS to help you find that secret gig, distinctive Stereo Speakers for sharing your music and the latest hit games, including Need for Speed™ ProStreet.

Sony Ericsson W760 Walkman phone – Enjoy and share – anywhere in the world

  • Stay grounded – GPS and Wayfinder Navigator)
    built-in, plus Google Maps for step-by-step
    directions to your destination
  • Share your music inside and out
    Twin speakers with Stereo Widening plus an
    optional Active Speaker for outdoor use
  • Match your mood – choose and match your music
    with SensMe™
  • Score big – great gaming features, motion
    control and widescreen gameplay.
    Need for Speed™ ProStreet preloaded
Find your way with GPS
Looking for the location of a gig or a new club? Even a new city poses no challenge for the Sony Ericsson W760 / W760i. The phone’s built-in GPS with Wayfinder Navigator™1) lets you search over 20 million points of interest around the globe and talks you to your destination every turn of the way. There’s also a GPS-supported fitness application called Tracker that can tell you how fast, for how long and how far you ran (or walked!).

Share your music with your friends
Become the focal point of a spontaneous party or gaming experience with the Sony Ericsson W760 / W760i’s powerful built-in stereo speakers. If outdoors, use the phone with the Active Speaker MAS-100 – a revolutionary case that not only looks fantastic but also protects your Walkman® phone at the same time as being a built-in speaker and FM radio antenna for enjoying music with friends.

Set the mood with the right music
The Sony Ericsson W760 helps select the right music for the occasion. Store up to 950 tracks2) on your phone*, and use SensMe™ to pick the music and tracks that match your mood in an instant. Navigate through a playlist with Shake Control – shuffle and skip through tracks, or adjust the volume, with just a shake of the phone.

The TrackID™ functionality allows you to identify any song you are listening to on the FM Radio or at a club. And with TrackID™ Charts, you can also review the most searched tracks in your country or anywhere in the world.

The intuitive Media User Interface rotates depending on how you’re holding the phone, so you can see everything you need at a glance. Auto rotate works for photos, videos and games3) too. Just twist the phone to change the view.

Get a piece of the gaming action
With the Sony Ericsson W760 / W760i, gaming is more fun than ever. The phone allows you to play in landscape mode, with sound from stereo speakers and use of dedicated
gaming buttons like a gaming console. It is preloaded with the latest games, including Need for Speed™ ProStreet – where high speed and utter adrenaline
collide. The W760 is built for fast-paced action with a large 2.2” screen for great gameplay and Motion Sensor Gaming that allows you to play top games on your phone in 3D quality, using the motion of the phone to control the game.

Capture the moment
A quality 3.2 megapixel camera is built in to the phone. Just slide open the phone, press the camera button and capture the moment! Pictures can be stored on the 1GB Memory Stick or transferred to a PC using Media Manager.

The Sony Ericsson W760 / W760i is a UMTS/HSDPA 850/19002100 and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 phone that will be available in selected markets from Q2 2008.

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Photo Gallery
Sony Ericsson W760i photo 1
Sony Ericsson W760i photo 2
Sony Ericsson W760i photo 3
Sony Ericsson W760i photo 4
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User Comment
Posted On : February 24, 2011
pernah pakai phone ni time baru2 kuar dulu~ 2/3 taun lpas?

tp lepas 8buln pakai, phone ni hilang! cicir~ bapak xleh blah! =.="
tp kan, spanjan gak pakai 8bln tu, 3 kali kne masuk servis cntr! software prob~
dah off xleh nk on! ><
tp skarg ak nk carik phone utk 2nd phone ak~ terusha lak yg ni balik~ tp ak tgk mostly komen2 kt sni cam ok je~ betul ke? skarg phone ni dah ok? kalu btol, mmg ak ade niat nk bli phone ni lg~

spnjg ak pakai dulu, mmg ak ske gler la~(except for the fact that ak nke naek trn SE klinik 3 kali tu la)
Posted On : November 2, 2010
Its best quality iz its speed ov downloading & bluetooth!!!
I lve it!!!!!!
Azaz mahmood
Posted On : November 2, 2010
Its My favrite mobyl
wid enormous qualitiezzzz!

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