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Sony Ericsson TXT

Sony Ericsson TXT
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Retail Price: RM 255
AP Price: RM 235 - 245
Sony Ericsson TXT, an entertaining messaging phone. A sister phone to Sony Ericsson's recently announced Sony Ericsson TXT pro, Sony Ericsson txt has a full view QWERTY keyboard and a SMS shortcut key. The phone also features a "friends" application that enables users to see Facebook and Twitter updates at a glance from their top five friends.

Sony Ericsson TXT is Wi-Fi enabled and comes equipped with a 3.2mp camera with video recording. The phone feels comfortable in the hand with a rounded back.

Sony Ericsson TXT will be available globally in selected markets from Q3 2011.

Photo Gallery
Sony Ericsson TXT photo 1
Top Videos
Sony Ericsson TXT Preview
Time: 3:04
Photo Gallery
Sony Ericsson TXT photo 1
Top Videos
Sony Ericsson TXT Preview
Time: 3:04
User Comment
Hilma Aqila
Posted On : October 8, 2012
Nk tnye, best ke handphone ni... ;-)
Posted On : June 18, 2012
aku baru beli hs ni.... ok utk aku sbb aku just need more space for picture only... yg lain2 aku x kisah..utk org yg ska xplore2 ni better BB la.. comel smart(putih n hitam)dan ringan giler... tp camera even 3.2mp mcm x brapa clear je compare to 3.2mp sony yg biasa...
Posted On : April 23, 2012
huh! kt mne la na download theme nie.. sape2 tau kt mne na download?? anyone??

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