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Ericsson R600

Ericsson R600
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The Ericsson R600 GPRS phone that supports highly developed features such as enhanced messaging, fast Mobile Internet access and several personalized options.

This makes the R600 ideal for people who are about to buy their first phone, or replace an older model, and want an affordable up to date phone. With the R600, fast Mobile Internet will be available to a wide audience.

This mobile phone follows the current trend throughout the mobile phone manufacturing industry for a built in aerial and larger display. The 4 grey tone display measures 32.88 x 21.76 mm, has resolution of 101 x 67 pixels, and is able to display up to 5 lines. The screen may be backlit in three different colours: red, green and orange. Background images can also be displayed, as in the current T39m. The small size, built-in antenna and large display is accompanied by an attractive, smooth and streamlined design that makes the phone rest comfortably in the hand.

The large 5-row gray-scale display is perfect for messaging and with Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS), the user can send and receive fun and creative messages on the spot. Pictures, animations, sound effects and ring signals are inserted into messages with just a few clicks.

The phone comes with a wide range of pictures, animations and sound effects from the start, and new ones can easily be added.

The R600 also has mobile chat, which is an SMS based service that lets the user have a chat session similar to a chat on the Internet. GPRS provides instant access to entertainment and news, and gives users a quicker way to download pictures and ring signals to further personalize their R600.

Supporting speeds of up to 43.2 kbps, the R600 ensures that users get the fastest Mobile Internet connection available. The R600 can be personalized in several ways.

The display color can be set to green, red or orange and be used both as a constant background display color and for identifying a caller. Link a color to a contact in the phone book and you get a colorful hint on who is calling.

The R600 also features a background picture in the display that is visible when the phone is in standby mode and gives the phone a personal touch.

The R600 has a basic calendar with day, week and month views and reminders when something is due. The phone book lets you store up to 200 contacts and the shortcut function in standby gives users quick access to any contact in the phone book. Also the R600 has four games, Erix, Catcher, Pathy and Ripple.

Key Features

  • GPRS
  • WAP 1.2.1
  • EMS and SMS chat
  • T9 predictive text input
  • functions
  • iles

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