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Samsung SGH-X600A

Samsung SGH-X600A
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by Jonathan Cheah

It took quite a while before we were able to get our hands on a review unit of the Samsung X600, and we actually got was the local version of the phone, namely the X600A, which means that the phone supports Chinese characters in the usage.

At A Glance:
Price: RM 899
Local Distributor: First Mobile Group Sdn Bhd.
Contact: 03-80267188

Build quality: 8/10
Applications: 8/10
Interface: 9/10
Value-for-money: 8/10
Overall rating: 82.5/100

+ Rotating camera and flash
+ Price versus features
+ Lightweight (80g)
- No Bluetooth
- Small buttons
- No memory expansion

Introductory matters In what is widely seen as a breakaway by the Korean manufacturer, the X600 is one of a recent breed of Samsung phones that abandon the clamshell design favoured by the company for a candybar type phone. The earlier one would be the C100 which was marketed as being one of the slimmest phones on the market.

It felt slim and very light in the hand. Curiously, the infrared port is on the bottom right side of the phone. The silver finish to the back half of the phone was a nice touch, but when the rotating camera is hidden, the X600 doesn,t look particularly special to the casual eye.

In fact, one could also say that the X600 looked like a cheap phone as first, but upon closer inspection the matte-type finish has a slight advantage over the lacquer-types on earlier Samsung models as it does not easily retain fingerprints. The buttons are laid-out rather closely to allow for the small width of the phone.

How it works
The new Samsung hybrid menu is once again replicated here. Only recently has this surfaced in the newest Samsung models, where a main graphic is shown to depict the menu, while the second level of menus are presented as lines across the screen for the user. The buttons are too close for most male fingers and SMS typing was a little affected by this. The buttons at the bottom of the phone are also a little too close to the edge of the page to allow for one-handed typing.

The screen picks up oil prints from the face, and the short length of the phone caused the mouthpiece to end up somewhere near my jawbone and felt slightly funny. I would venture to say that this is probably the limit as to how short phones should get, because the trade-off in size would cause discomfort if it became any less.

As usual, Samsung is excellent with its usage abilities. Except for the small buttons this time around, the X600A is really great if you have been looking around for a small and lightweight phone with a colour screen.

Supporting Features
This Samsung is pretty amazing. The rotating camera with the flash LEDs around the lens is an innovative touch, as you can rotate the lens around to get a good shot for most angles. The side toggle buttons at this point would serve to flip the picture 180 degrees for the user to shoot self-portraits. If you check the memory status in the camera menu (8 and then 6), you will find that the phone has about 9.5 MB of space, which was a good improvement over the 6MB of the E700A model.

Multishot capabilities are retained from the E700, but the noticeable miss would be the lack of video capabilities. The 40-chord polyphonic files are of the MMF type, but seemed a little bit less rich than those on the previous models like the S200 and S300. I have no explanation for this, but perhaps the lightweight materials used affected the apparent richness of the sounds.

Editor,s Opinion
I would venture to say that although Samsung makes some really good phones, perhaps it should pay a little more attention to a growing number of people who demand that their phones do more than just look good and sound nice. Granted, although most users in Asia care little for the extra features such as GPRS and Bluetooth due to a variety of reasons, it is no reason not to include this in the phone to gain the attention of the demanding user.

The lack of voice abilities was a bit of a surprise here as this seems to be a common technology that is quietly making its appearance in more and more handsets from the various manufacturers. Samsung has never had a Bluetooth model in Malaysia either, so it would be another good idea for a really high-end phone from them someday, perhaps as something that can compete with the Sony Ericsson P900, which is currently the flagship model for that company.

However, I must say that RM 899 is a fair price to ask for this phone. You must realise that although it does not look that charming, it carries essentially the same features as the V200 Free-I model that was, once upon a time, the flag bearer of the Samsung range in Malaysia. However, it felt slightly cheap in the hand, so maybe a glossy finish that retains fingerprints isn’t so bad after all.

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Posted On : August 13, 2011
I feel so much heappir now I understand all this. Thanks!

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