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Samsung SGH X480c

Samsung SGH X480c
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Retail Price: RM 325
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Express your true emotions
Feeling ecstatic or mischievious? Want to mimic Santa or a happy cow? Or what about sending your friend a rose or slices of pizza? The new tri-band Samsung SGH-X480C includes an emoticon box with dozens of expressive symbols to let you communicate your true emotions for a novel SMS or MMS experience.

Emoticon Box
From shocked 8-o and indifferent :-l to kissing :-* and crying :,-( or even roses @> and beer mugs (_)3, the embedded emoticon box lets you express yourself better through SMS or MMS. Describe feelings, people, actions and lots more with a whole range of emoticons to make SMS a blast and put a :-) on your face.

Classic, Curved and Compact
Distinctively designed with elegant silver styling, sleek curves, a colourful interface and classic details, the stylish SGH-X480C is ultra-thin and compact enough to slip into any pocket or handbag. It,s the perfect complement to your trendy lifestyle.

Melody Composer
select from a variety of instruments and compose, note by note, to play back as your signature ringtone. Then add effects or a background melody to create an unique sound. The Melody Composer lets you: * create a melody on the phone. * Use instruments like Piano, Harpsichord, Tubular bells, Music box and more. * Add a Dance, Jazz, Latin, Pop or Reggae background.

40-Chord Polyphonic Ringtones
Only true sound can do justice to the music you create. Its 40-chord polyphonic ringtones make all the difference to your melodic masterpieces.

Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH X480c photo 1
Samsung SGH X480c photo 2
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Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH X480c photo 1
Samsung SGH X480c photo 2
Samsung SGH X480c photo 3
Samsung SGH X480c photo 4
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