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Samsung SGH P850

Samsung SGH P850
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Retail Price: RM 1,475
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- Camera-like Design
Mobility becomes an art with Samsungs P850. This retro-style camera boasts a leather-like finish to satisfy the fussiest fashionista. Others will be amazed when you start talking on this stylish camera. A mere 95.5x47x24.4mm of 120g, the P850 looks like a digital camera, but is packed with the latest multimedia features. The P850s Swivel Design Screen base even turns to display either the inner or exterior Screen displays on the outside of the phone. This is especially convenient when a larger display screen is desired for taking pictures. True to style, use one side as a stylish camera, or flip it over for the latest in mobile phones.

- 3.2 Megapixel Camera, with Flash and Auto Focus
With the look of a digital camera, the P850 featuring 3.2 Megapixels and flash makes it a breeze to take clear, picture-perfect pictures. The P850s 3.2 Megapixels CMOS rivals conventional cameras in resolution and ensures high quality pictures. The built-in flash allows for clear detailed pictures even in dark situations. The built-in Auto Focus function allows even the most camera-illiterate person to take sharp pictures. Extend your reach even further with a 4x digital zoom for an astounding 40x total seamless zoom. Plus, with internal memory of 78MB and external memory capability with microSD, the P850 stores more pictures. Having a camera on hand to capture those candid moments has become a necessity. So people who demand the highest quality in pictures usually carry a separate camera and phone, but no longer with Samsungs P850.

- High Quality Wide Screen
See things clearly. The convenient external 1.3 inch 65536 Color OLED screen lets you view the time, missed calls, or caller ID without ever opening the phone. Since the time is continuously displayed without having to push a button, the P850 is a handy mobile clock. The P850 also boasts an extremely wide internal 2.12 inch 262144 Color TFT screen making it easy to view clear vivid files, pictures, or messages at a glance with QVGA quality Screen. Or flip the entire base over and make the large interior LCD screen the outer screen.

- Music Player
Ask for it all. The P850 isn’t just a great camera and phone, its an MP3 player that lets you enjoy great music by enhancing sound clarity with 64 Polyphonic ringtones and providing 3D sound with dual speakers. The music possibilities are endless with the P850s extensive memory that supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ audio files. With Bluetooth and USB interfaces, downloading and sharing of music files are easy, or use Samsungs Bluetooth stereo headset to listen wirelessly. With P850, don’t sacrifice a thing.

- Business Assistant
The P850s Document Viewer function lets you download and view MS Office documents, Adobe PDF, HTML, and JPEG files while staying mobile. This phone even has a unique TV-output function that allows large audiences to view files and pictures from the phone directly on a TV screen. The P850 helps you keep business under control from the palm of your hand. Just some of the multimedia functions conveniently built into the P850.

- Connectivity
High-quality pictures are only the beginning with the P850. In addition to its stylish camera design, Samsungs P850 is packed with the features essential in multimedia. Photos, video clips, and files on the P850 can conveniently be shared via MMS or email. With PictBridge, directly connect the P850 to a compatible printer with a USB cable and print without a PC. Or with Bluetooth capabilities, exchange data and stay connected without messy wires select images, files, information, or even notes and send directly to a Bluetooth compatible printer to be printed or use a Bluetooth wireless headset that transports you into a world of 3D sound while keeping your hands free. WAP 2.0 provides fast access to the Internet. Java technology makes downloading games and applications a breeze. Sharing images, files, and messages are just simpler with the P850s advanced multimedia features.

- Offline Mode
Flip out over this innovation function. The Offline Mode lets you use your phone even in flight. Now you can ignore the pilots request to turn off all mobile devices by switching the phone to Offline Mode. Since this function keeps the phone from interfering with radio signals, you can safely access all files, games, information, and music stored on the phone. Being in flight, doesnt mean being out of touch.

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Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH P850 photo 1
Samsung SGH P850 photo 2
Samsung SGH P850 photo 3
Samsung SGH P850 photo 4
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