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Samsung SGH F330

Samsung SGH F330
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Retail Price: RM 520
AP Price: N/A
Samsung,s SGH-F330 is a sleek and reflective slider - ice white for a cool and refreshing look to groove to. Music hotkeys are conveniently located on the front and slides for instant access to your tunes. Store your entire song library on microSD and play according to your whim. From easy listening to hard rock, WMDRM and MTP offer seamless compatibility with your PC. And if there,s any question about this mobiles,s commitment to music, check out the logos on the music hot key; it,s all about the music. <p> Slide the mobile open to enter a world of advanced communication standards. Measuring only 103 x 48 x 13.5 mm, the slim slider fits comfortably in the hand or pocket, yet it boast a large 2.1" display that pops with vivid color when on, and disappears seamlessly into the mirror-lik&#101; surface when off. Enjoy data connection speeds as fast as 3.6Mbps; download large files quickly, stream video and even hold video conversations. Other PIM functions and convenient applications further enhance the mobile experience. Samsung,s SGH-F330 - putting you in touch with the world. <p> Samsung,s SGH-F330 offers a slick and slim way for trendy users to experience complete music and phone functionality on their mobile. Take high-quality pics fit for printing and sharing, and stay up to speed with a fast HSDPA connection for instand downloads and video streaming. From the music you love that travels with you to 3G-enabled video telephony, you can enjoy a 100% music experience and a 100% phone experience without compromise. Whether you are making a call or listening to your tunes, now you can do it with style!
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Top Videos
Samsung SGH F330 Unboxing
Time: 3:20
Samsung F330 Preview
Time: 0:32
Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH F330 photo 1
Samsung SGH F330 photo 2
Samsung SGH F330 photo 3
Samsung SGH F330 photo 4
Top Videos
Samsung SGH F330 Unboxing
Time: 3:20
Samsung F330 Preview
Time: 0:32
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User Comment
Posted On : February 5, 2010
I have been using this phone for nearly two years. It was a pretty good one. now have a problem in it since it is a sliding type the strip gets wornout often. so can any one tell me where to get this strip
Posted On : December 18, 2008
I wan to ask izzit the connection good?
I heard ppl said not so good wo.
I am not so sure, I need some information about this samsung phone.I pretty love tat phone.
I wan to get one ..
Can have a reply and I wan to get more information.
Posted On : October 29, 2008
does samsung sgh-f330 have camera flash?
does it makes any irritating noise while texting or we can just set it n change it?
does the sound effect good?

i'm looking forward for this phone, so i probably have to know about the negative comments about this phone. thanks!

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