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Samsung SGH E760

Samsung SGH E760
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Retail Price: RM 540
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The SGH-E760 easily passes of as a piece of modern art. With a soft, comfortable feel and large ergonomic keys, it fits beautifully in the palm of your hands. created by Samsung,s renowned designer, its futuristic and elegant looks are further enhanced by the round frontal display. The beauty, however, is more than just skin-deep. Beneath the quality finishing is technology that is just as inspiring. Despite a diminutive 88 x 44 x 22.5 mm, it still offers 96MB of memory, 1.3 megapixel camera power, MPEG4 video recording and a 262K colour TFT display.

With the SGH-E760, you needn,t press multiple buttons to activate the functions on music player. Just wave your hand and the cutting-edge motion recognition technology will power up music and even play games. Activating the MP3 player is easy. Simply press the special M-button on the outside of the phone. Then shake your hand to the right and left and the music automatically plays. Fast forwarding is simply a matter of moving your hand to the right. Such fluid gestures will also rewind, pause and resume music - as well as control other exciting features and games. The Motion Recognition Technology allows you to activate the camera, change tunes, play games with a simple flick of your wrist.

Start playing exciting pre-loaded motion games on the SGH-E760 or simply download more choices by selecting a few applications after pressing the Menu key on the SGH-E760. If you,re playing ,Screamer,, you could even control your character just by tilting it. With the SGH-E760, the fun never stops.

You don,t need to be tied down by cables to stay connected. Weighing a mere 88.4g, the SGH-E760 packs Bluetooth?wireless technology that makes data transmission quick and easy. At the same time, the original Samsung Bluetooth stereo headset* leaves your hands free so you get extra mobility while you listen to music and answer voice calls. Sending images to a compatible printer is also child,s play thanks to Bluetooth?wireless printing.

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Samsung SGH E760 photo 1
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Photo Gallery
Samsung SGH E760 photo 1
Samsung SGH E760 photo 2
Samsung SGH E760 photo 3
Samsung SGH E760 photo 4
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