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Nokia 9300

Nokia 9300
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Retail Price: RM 1,470
AP Price: RM 1,084 - 1,114
By Jonathan Cheah

At A Glance:

Price: RM2,999
Local Distributor: Nokia (M) Sdn Bhd.
Contact: 1-300-88-1600
Build quality: 9/10
Applications: 9/10
Interface: 9/10
Value-for-money: 8/10
Overall rating: 8.5/10
+ Not too large in size
+ MS Office editing
+ Bluetooth/infrared
+ Comfortable to hold
- No alarm except in Calendar
- No camera

It has been a rather long wait for the new colour-screen version of the Nokia Communicator. The previous 9210 and 9210i models were good, but rather bulky compared to what is available on the market right now. And Nokia introduces two Communicators this year, the 9500 and the slightly scaled down 9300 which we will be looking at here.

Granted, the 9300 does not have the camera and Wi-Fi capabilities of the 9500. The price is around RM 700 cheaper, and it is not so much the issue of the money, but I say that if you are going to lay out that much money, you might as well pay the full amount for all the bells and whistles. Nevertheless, the 9300 looks, feels and weighs a lot better than the 9500.

Build quality
The Nokia 9300 may not be able to do just as much as its counterpart, the 9500. However, having said that, I would also like to venture my opinion that the 9300 is a lot more comfortable to use, and its size is more compatible to the user, instead of the overly large dimensions of the 9500.

Nevertheless, a surprise was that the front face of the device can be removed, and one surmised that you will be able to buy other faceplates for the 9300, just like one of those Exchangeable covers that Nokia is so well-known for.

Anyway, I did like the polished silver finish of the phone, and the buttons both inside and outside of the phone were a joy to use, although I still maintain that I would rather prefer my Bluetooth keyboard for serious writer’s work. Nevertheless, the ability to not carry two devices – the phone and the keybvoard – but instead settle for a slightly less comfortable keyboard, but one located within the body of the device itself, is rather convenient.

Operational matters
I must say that I expected the messaging to be integrated, but what you do with the front half of the phone is by no means integrated perfectly with the inner half of the device. At times, I would start to type a message in the usual manner, before realising that there was a full keyboard inside, but flipping open the 9300 did not take me directly to my half-done message.

Calling and receiving was a joy, except for a niggling suspicion that you would have to wait for a couple of rings before answering a call. A few times I grabbed the phone and barked an impatient hello into it, and the connection was not completed and the caller had to make the call again.

I really did not see how the Pop-Port enhances the product, as Radio is not supported on the 9300. Granted, it is a good idea to have a cradle to connect the device to the computer, but I think that using the Pop-Port for the handsfree is a rather costly option, as those pins tend to wear out rather quickly. I’d still pick a regular walkman-type pin for the handsfree set of any phone.

The office applications were simply fantastic, and the presence of the mini-button-joystick in the bottom right of the keyboard was a nice touch, although I would have preferred said joystick to be a little stiffer, as it kept moving the cursor about to places where it wasn’t wanted.

Editor,s Opinion

The funny thing is that the balance of this phone is a little off. You are not able to use it as a laptop, because the phone keeps falling over. When adjusted to an angle closer 90 degree, the user would then be unable to see the screen.

Anyway, I would say that the Nokia 9300 Communicator is the best looking Communicator ever made. It is not as bulky as its predecessors, and is really comfortable to hold in the hand. If you can live without the camera and the WiFi capability, then this is the Communicator for you.

I would say that the best feature of the Nokia 9300 is its ability to handle office documents and its large colour screen. The worst features would be that the colour screen wasn’t of the touch screen variety. I rather liked this Communicator, and would expect Nokia to fix the problem of hunting for files that were created on the Communicator in the next edition. RM 3,200 is a rather fair figure if you really need to do work on the go.

Nokia 9300 - Review By Darla Mack (Guest Contributor)

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Photo Gallery
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Posted On : January 28, 2013
i like this beacuse its have very importent feature but other people could not know it's importance
Posted On : September 27, 2011
aku ada sebiji nokia ni..nk jual 350...brg mmg RARE...brg ada di JB. berminat blh tel 0177947122
Posted On : April 9, 2011
tepon bodoh.lembap n0k mampuih

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