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Nokia 7710

Nokia 7710
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Review by Jah (Guest Contributor)
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This is a review of the Nokia 7710 and is based on a retail unit as sold by Nokia Asia (manufactured in 2004). The system information for this unit indicates that the firmware version is 02.08.1, dated 08-12-04, and the unit type is RM-12.

Retail Package
The Nokia 7710 is available in a number of colour schemes, including the white/silver scheme of this unit. The retail package includes:

  • The 7710 device
  • USB synchronization cable
  • 128 MB MMC (pre-formatted
  • Stereo headphone/hands free/antenna unit (Nokia HS-3)
  • Leather case (not a belt pouch) and screen cleaning cloth
  • Spare stylus
  • 1300 mAh battery (same model as for the Nokia 9500)
  • CD with PC Suite (version 6.4.8)
  • User Manual
  • Plastic stand for the 7710

    The device itself is sturdy and well built (there are no squeaks from loose casing/parts). The case appears to be made of good quality plastics. The design of the unit means that it needs be held in the horizontal plane (unlike the vertical tablet design of the Sony Ericsson (SE) Pxxx range and other UIQ devices) it is not too large therefore it can be held comfortably. The buttons, in general provide good feedback and the 5 way scroll key is accurate in use. As with many small devices removing the back cover can be a challenge, and this is true for the 7710 (you need to press a clip on the top of the unit, above the Nokia logo, and then ease off each side of the cover from the main case). insertion of the SIM card requires the battery to be removed but the MMC is accessible once the back cover is removed. But please note, if you remove the back cover while the unit is switched on you are warned the system could suffer loss of data.

    The 7710 has five buttons and one scroll key/joy stick control on the front of the unit:

  • On the left hand side there are two buttons, in addition to the 5 way scroll key these (from top to bottom) are for displaying the menu options associated with an application and the other button is for switching from the current application back to the main desktop the desktop being a combination of a shortcuts for application and an area for quickly accessing other objects such as pictures and documents. The functions for these buttons are fixed across all screens/applications. The scroll key, as usual, is for navigating up/down and left/right for items/menus and the centre button is used to make a selection (alternatively selections can be made with the stylus on the touch sensitive screen).

  • On the right hand side there are three buttons these are (from top to bottom) for activating the three levels of zoom, switching views within an application and the third key acts like an “Esc” key. These last two buttons can be customised for a specific application.

    At the top of unit there are keys for initiating/receiving a call and for end a call. There is also an additional key which can be used to switch-on the speaker during a call, stop/end recording of voice notes and initiate voice dialling.

    The power on/off switch is on the right hand side of the unit. And the Pop Port connector and power are at the bottom of the unit (left hand side). The stylus and stylus silo are on the bottom right hand side.

    This device does not support IrDA, unlike the Nokia 9500 and SE P910.

    On the back of unit, there is a 1mega pixel camera and a single speaker.

    When the battery is inserted and the unit is switched-on, it takes about 50 seconds for the unit to boot (“cold” boot) and about 10 seconds to switch back on when the battery has not been removed (“warm” boot).

    When the 7710 is in its case, which does provide good protection, all the key functions, ports, speaker, camera, ear piece and the stylus are accessible. When not in the case the unit can be used with the desk stand. However, this desk stand is not a docking station, like the one sold with the Nokia 9500/9300, and therefore it is difficult to seat the device correctly when the USB synchronisation cable is attached.

    This review will be broken down into the following points of interest:

    1. Summary of Device Features
    2. Data Input
    3. Multimedia
    4. PIM and Other Applications
    5. Known Issues and Conclusions

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    Photo Gallery
    Nokia 7710 photo 1
    Nokia 7710 photo 2
    Nokia 7710 photo 3
    Nokia 7710 photo 4
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