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Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680
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By Michal Jerz (

Announced on 14 February 2005, a successor to the extremely popular Nokia 6630, the Nokia 6680 is now shipping worldwide.

I. Hardware

The 6680, especially the reviewed light bronze version, is probably the best looking Nokia,s Series 60 smartphone released so far. It,s one of these designs that will suit both young users and businessmen. The shape of the phone and keypad layout are conventional which is also an advantage. The keypad is convenient and provides very decent tactile feedback. It is surrounded by several shiny silver buttons which, along with silver strips on both sides of the phone, make it look very stylish and elegant. The only downside is that these shiny parts easily get dirty with your fingerprints. The casing is very solid and you won,t have to worry about any squeaking sounds, maybe except for the back cover that seems a little bit weaker than the whole rest.

like the 6630, the 6680 is a quad band GSM 900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 2100 MHz device. The phone supports fast data transmission in 3G (up to 128 / 384 kbps UL/DL) and EDGE (up to 118.4 / 236.8 kbps) networks and it all works fully transparently. If you,re logged in to a 3G or EDGE-enabled network and you use a proper access point, the only difference you will notice compared to normal GPRS connection will be the much increased transfer speed.

The 6680 also supports other 3G services, including two-way video calls and, unlike its predecessor, it doesn,t take any additional accessories to use this function thanks to 6680,s built-in VGA camera (with 2x digital zoom) located on the front side of the phone. You can also share your recorded or downloaded video clips during a voice call, which means that you can start a playback of a clip during phone conversation and it,ll be visible on the other phone,s screen or you can simply send the file to the other phone.

A second camera, the 1.3 megapixel one (1.23 MPix effective resolution, 1280x960 pixels), is located on the back of the phone and hidden under a sliding cover. The cover not only protects the lens but also automatically activates the camera and launches the Camera/Camcorder application. Just slide the cover down and you are ready to shoot pictures or record video clips, slide it up to turn off the camera and go back to the standby screen. The back side camera supports smooth 6x digital zoom and has an integrated LED flash working in a 1,5 meter range. The quality of pictures is good and the 1.3 megapixel resolution lets you print your photos with a size of a postcard.

Just like 6630, the 6680 is equipped with a 220 MHz ARM9-based CPU, which makes them both the fastest Symbian OS based smartphones released so far. The size of internal storage memory (disk C:) is 10 MB and it can be expanded using Reduced Size Dual Voltage MMC cards (64 MB card is supplied with the phone). Cards are hot-swappable and you can access the slot without having to remove the back cover or battery like in many other Series 60 phones - just open a small metal door on the right side and slightly push the card for the spring mechanism to eject it. The 6680 has 20 MB operating memory of which about 9 MB is available.

6680 is a stereo phone and it comes with HDS-3 stereo headset. Multimedia (e.g. MP3) playback is clean and of good quality but don,t expect to hear too much bass using the HDS-3. The 6680 is equipped with Pop-Port providing full speed USB 2.0 connection. The phone supports Bluetooth v1.2 and has no Infrared port. Supported Bluetooth profiles include: BIP-ImagePush, DUN-GW (Dial-Up Networking), FT-Server (FTP), HandsFree-AG, Headset-AG, OBEX, OPP-Client, OPP-Server.

The screen (178x208 pixels, 262 thousand colors) is of exceptional quality, with very good contrast and brightness (controled by a sensor) and pure, vibrant colors. Standby time provided by the BL-5C battery (Li-Ion, 900 mAh) is very good and you can expect several days even when making real use of most of the phone functions and not just keeping it in your pocket. The device weighs 133 g and measures 108.5 x 55 x 20.5 mm.

II. Software

Nokia 6680 is based on Symbian OS 8.0a and Series 60 v2.6. like all other Series 60 2.x phones, the 6680 supports themes, i.e. skinning the entire user interface with installable packs. Furthermore, the 6680 also supports so called Active standby screen. This function allows you to put icons of five most frequently used applications directly on the standby screen of your phone. This, along with two customizable function keys, gives you rapid access to seven functions or applications. Active standby screen also works like a "Today" screen: it displays current calendar entries and scheduled tasks.

In addition to a full set of applications known from other Series 60 smartphones like Messaging, Calendar, Contacts, To-Do, XHTML/WAP web browser, Notes, Calculator, etc., the 6680 provides strong support for taking, processing and publishing pictures and video clips. All the tools can be found in the Imaging folder of the menu. Image manager lets you manage your pictures: copy/move/rename/delete them, create folders and quickly view your pictures using animated wheel of thumbnails. Photo Editor provides basic edit functions like crop, rotate, autofix (darken, brighten, balance), insert frame, add text, and Greeting card.

With Image Print you can print your pictures on compatible Bluetooth printers (XpressPrint) or even via USB cable with PictBridge printers. With Kodak Mobile you can save your photos and videos to Kodak,s online service and order prints delivered to your door. You also get a preinstalled Lifeblog client.

Using Video editor, you can add transitions, visual effects and sound to your video clips and you can combine multiple clips in one. With Movie director you can create "muvees", styled video clips containing video, music and text. Just select your prefered style and let the program edit the clip automatically.

,Office, folder contains tools which let you create, view, edit and print documents. Using preinstalled QuickOffice viewers (QuickWord, QuickSheet and QuickPoint) you can view Microsoft Office compatible documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. With InfoPrint you can quickly and easily print messages (MMS, SMS, email), contacts, calendar entries and notes. Adobe PDF is an Adobe Acrobat viewer optimized for 6680,s small screen. Wireless Keyboard application lets you take advantage of Nokia,s Bluetooth keyboard.

You also get many other preinstalled tools, including Instant Messaging application, Push To Talk, Wallet as well as several wizards and managers which simplify configuration process and let you keep your data secure and exchange it with other devices.

Compatibility with existing 3rd party software written for older Series 60 phones is quite high. You may expect most of tools written in a system-friendly way to work on 6680 without any problems. Only some games and multimedia programs like e.g. movie players may need slight changes and will quickly appear as updated versions (some of them already have). Fast CPU of the 6680 makes working with 3rd party applications even more convenient and faster.

III. Summary

Nokia 6680 is undobtedly the most advanced Series 60 smartphone up to date. It looks very stylish and provides very high quality and full range of functions and services for both GSM and 3G network users. Not only it is powerful and elegant but it also comes packed with software for multimedia, imaging, messaging, office use and more. Fast data transfer in 3G and EDGE networks, stereo audio playback and support for MP3 and AAC, dedicated camera for two-way video calls, 1.3 megapixel camera for print-quality images, fast 220 MHz processor, high quality screen, Instant messaging and Push to talk with dedicated button, good battery and power-efficient hardware providing long standby times, convenient keypad and support for Bluetooth keyboard, hot-swappable memory card.... what else do you need?


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User Comment
Posted On : March 12, 2011
How to solve memory full over my N6680? I already format and reboot as well as compress the memory but still can't settle the score. This issue occured when I click to play Asphalt N gage version that had 8589kb. Hope you had a counter measure for this issue. Tq.

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