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Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230
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Nokia 3230 is another so called "smartphone for youth", powered by Symbian OS. Its predecessors 3650 and 3660 found their users quite long time ago, but because of quite unusual design and especially keyboard, not all users were happy with those handsets. So Nokia introduced 3230 with quite traditional design.


Front side of 3230 traditionally contains a speaker, a keyboard and a display. 3230,s equipped with 65 536 color TFT display with a size of 176 x 208 pixels. Quality of the display is quite high and can be compared to displays of handsets of such makers as Samsung that are leaders in making displays. Just above a display there is a speaker. Quality of the sound is quite high, ringtones are heard really well. Phone also has an additional speaker, which is located on the top panel.

Nokia 3230 has an ability to playback MP3 files and also use them as ringtones. Unfortunately, sound quality of MP3 playback isnít high. Comparing with, for example, Siemens SX1 smartphone, which was released much earlier than 3230, quality of MP3 playback is much lower.

Phone,s keyboard traditionally consists of two parts: control buttons and digit-buttons. Control buttons include a joystick, two context-keys and "Menu", "Shift", "Cancel" buttons. Digit keyboard traditionally has 3 columns with 4 buttons in each. Buttons are very close to each other, but this doesn,t cause any problems, because they are quite large.

Despite that keyboard looks a bit unusual, it,s easy to get used to it. All buttons are backlighted with bright white light, which helps when using phone in the dark. Backlight is bright, but not too intense. But unfortunately, can,t be called a perfect phone for messaging. This is because a keyboard is moved as low, as it is possible, to give more space for a display. So it,s a bit difficult to type a message when holding a phone in one hand.

Phone doesn,t have any buttons on its sides, except button for launching Push-to-Talk service. An infrared port is also located on the side panel. Pop-Port and port for a charger are located on the bottom panel. Back side of Nokia 3230 contains a camera lens, which is covered with glass, and a small mirror for taking self-shots. Unfortunately, camera is placed in a position, where you usually put fingers when talking and holding a phone at the ear. So fingers usually leave fingerprints.

Under the back cover phone traditionally has a battery. 3230 comes equipped with 760 mAh battery. It allows up to 4 in talk-mode and up to 150 hours in stand-by mode. Practically phone was working about 2 days with active usage of all its features, including Java applications, GPRS and Bluetooth.

Both SIM and memory cards are placed under the battery. Because of such location of a memory card, there is no ability to replace the card without turning the handset off. Nokia 3230 supports rsMMC cars. Unfortunately, this card format isn,t used very widely yet, and you may experience some problems when using it with the memory card reader, unless you have an adapter. But Nokia 3230 doesn,t come with an adapter.

Functionality and menu

Nokia 3230Nokia 3230 is equipped with 1.3 megapixel camera. It also has an ability to take video shots with a resolution of 176x144 pixels. Quality of photos is quite high, but unfortunately, handset has a really long delay before a shot. So it is practically impossible of taking shots of moving objects. Camera settings are very common: you can set photo resolution, quality and storage device (phone or memory card).

Nokia 3230 is based on Series 60 platform and powered by Symbian OS. So, as it is common to all Symbian OS devices, user has an ability to remove existing or add new software from third-party makers. So we,ll talk only about main phone applications.

In stand-by mode phone displays name of an operator, titles for context-keys, time, signal strength and battery level. Now let,s take a look at main applications.

Messages. 3230 supports SMS, MMS and email messaging. Message editor is quite unusual: first you choose a message type (SMS, MMS or email), then enter the number and only then you can type text. Phone also supports message templates, so you can choose one of 10 pre-installed templates.

Phonebook. Phone is equipped with extended phonebook. Each phonebook entry can store several phone numbers, name, address, company, email, URL, date of birth and additional comments. Each entry can also be assigned to one of several caller groups. Phonebook entries from SIM card are not displayed in the same list with entries from phone memory, but you always have an ability to copy them to the phone.

Call records traditionally contains latest incoming, outgoing and missed calls and also duration of calls and amount of data, transferred via GPRS.

Gallery is a file manager that only allows viewing stored videos, audios and images. You can browse content from both phone memory and memory card. Of course, Nokia 3230 is also equipped with simple file manager that allows managing all files, not only media ones.

Internet. Nokia 3230 is equipped with HTML/XHTML browser, so it allows viewing majority of web resources. It also has a comfortable application called Settings Wizard, which easily allows setting up an internet connection. Tada can be transferred via EDGE (up to 177.6 kbps) and GRPS (up to 80 kbps).

Calendar can be viewed in monthly, weekly and daily modes. Everything is common here. You can choose one of three types of reminders.

Nokia 3230 also supports themes. Each theme changes a background picture, menu style and some other stuff.

Profiles. Nokia 3230 comes with 5 pre-installed profiles. Profiles can be activated either via menu or shortly pressing the on/off key. Each profile can store such settings as ringtone, volume of ringtone, message sound, vibrocall and button sounds.

Settings. Everything is common in this menu item so it isn,t necessary to talk about it more. It contains all phone,s settings and configurations.

Connections. Phone supports Bluetooth and infrared connections and also synchronization with PC and other devices. We tried pairing 3230 with a PDA and transferring various files (video, music, and applications in .sys files) via Bluetooth and we had no problems.

Tools contains file manager (differently from Gallery it allows managing all files, not only media files), manager of installed applications, quick dial and voice commands.

Games. Nokia 3230 comes with 3 pre-installed games: "Agent V", which is controlled using a camera, quite good rally simulator "Rally Pro" and space shooter "Warrior". Of course, user has an ability to easily remove existing and add new games for both Symbian OS and Java MIDP 2.0 platforms.

Additional tools include calculator, converter of measurements (currency, length, size, weight, temperature, time, speed, etc.), voice memo, an alarm clock, manager of memory card and notebook.

Handset also supports Push-to-Talk and Visual Radio, but unfortunately, our operator didn,t support them, so we couldn,t test them.


Nokia 3230 weighs 110 grams and has a size of 109x49x19 so it is quite comfortable to use. The quality of signal was strong enough almost everywhere. In locations, where signal strength is low, 3230 was working better than several handsets from rival manufacturers. Phone is tri-band and works in GSM 900/1800/1900 networks.

Phone comes with a battery, a charger, 32 MB rsMMC card, a headset and a manual. Unfortunately, there is no data-cable and CD with PC software. Of course, you can download the necessary software and connect phone with a PC via IrDA or Bluetooth, but not all PCs have these connections.

As a conclusion we can say that Nokia 3230 is just another smartphone in series of these devices from Nokia. Its main advantages include large display, high quality of taken photos and quite comfortable user,s interface. Main disadvantage is quite uncomfortable keyboard, long delay when taking photos and poor range of accessories that comes with the handset (no data-cable and CD with PC software). But despite these disadvantages, Nokia 3230 is quite good device and will surely find its buyers, especially among young users.

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Posted On : January 13, 2012
Lowda ka phone ek bit download kar ne hota nai.choot ka fone,lowda ka fone me charge b chad ta nai,mera lowda jaisa hai a fone.

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