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Motorola V100

Motorola V100
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Motorola V. Series V100, a dynamic device that goes way beyond mere word messaging capabilities. With this Personal Interactive Communicator, you decide when, how, where and with whom you communicate.

The dualband V100 features a QWERTY keyboard in place of a touch screen like the Accompli A6188.
Maximum integration among vocal communication, e-mail and SMS characterize this new, also as conception, besides, is provided with Wap 1.1 for the navigation of Internet; computer software iTAP for the easy writing of the SMSs; voice dial (to recall up to 25 names from the index book), voice command to locally recall some functions of the telephone and VoiceNote to videorecord up to 3 minutes of conversations; vibracall; index book with 100 locations of memory; ear bonnet (live voice) in the colour of the cell phone; 11 new sounders and one personalizable by the user; 3 games; animate icons; wrist clock and date; function alarm/alarm clock.

Key Features

  • Internet and email capabilities
  • Rubberised keyboard
  • Large 55 x 35mm screen (8 lines x 125 characters)
  • 11 standard ring tones
  • Music Alert Editor for composing your own ring tones
  • Alarm clock which allows you to add voice ot text messages to each alarm alert
  • voice answering and termination of calls
  • VibraCall (vibrating call alert)

    this unique "phone" is designed for heavy SMS users, who spend more time sending messages than they do making phone calls. The full keyboard and WAP browser will make this is a great phone to stay in touch with the latest goings on with your friends or internet news. It will prove most popular with young SMS addicts, but may even prove useful in an office environment as a device to easily send out SMS with. (Sorry there´s no plain colours!)

    Unique design will soon prove annoying if you use it more than expected for voice calls. You can only make calls using the headset.

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    Photo Gallery
    Motorola V100 photo 1
    Motorola V100 photo 2
    Motorola V100 photo 3
    Motorola V100 photo 4
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