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Motorola MOTO U9

Motorola MOTO U9
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Through unique advancements in mobile entertainment technology, Motorola U9 makes music a multi-sensory experience and lets consumers rock out and look good °V with an elegant form factor, Stereo Bluetooth, CrystalTalk Technology, external touch sensitive music controls and floating, animated screensavers that appear on the external display.

MOTO U9 delivers cutting edge mobile music capabilities:

  • Easy transition from phone to music and back again, MOTO U9 allows one-touch access to your library and pauses music as calls come through.

  • Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 makes the U9 ready to rock as soon as it°¶s out of the box, with simple synching and automatic recognition of the device.

  • Integrated music player supports multiple audio files: Windows WMAv10 plus Janus DRM, MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+ enhanced.

  • Ability to download the latest music hits from more than 200 music stores onto the device from a PC using USB 2.0 for speedy transfers and data access.

    Additional in-demand features round out a complete mobile experience:

  • Up to 25MB of on-board user memory and an optional microSD memory card enables storage of 4GB of music, pictures and other media.

  • Innovative CrystalTalk technology for better call clarity

  • Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology enables users to enjoy a wireless mobile stereo experience.

  • Advanced "speaker independent" voice recognition dialling and talking phone features take "hands free" to the next level.

  • A 2.0 megapixel with 8x zoom camera, multi-shot feature, video capture and playback, and light and landscape viewfinder delivers quality, printable and sharable images.

  • Impressive messaging capabilities via MMS, SMS, WVIM, Push Email.

    Seamless, small and light weight, the curvaceous MOTO U9 has been designed to fit perfectly in the pocket or hand. Its metallic gloss finish comes to life with animated screen savers that appear to "float" across the borderless external display. The external display is not just for show, however, as touch sensitive, digital keys let users control their music player from the outside.

    Additional Capabilities
    Delivering on its commitment to provide the world's most compelling mobile music experience, Motorola has also created an ecosystem of additional products, accessories and services that make it easy to access, download and enjoy a wide array of digital music.

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    Photo Gallery
    Motorola MOTO U9 photo 1
    Motorola MOTO U9 photo 2
    Motorola MOTO U9 photo 3
    Motorola MOTO U9 photo 4
    Top Videos
    Motorola U9 Review
    Time: 3:30
    Motorola U9 Review
    Time: 4:06
    Motorola U9 review
    Time: 7:07
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    User Comment
    Posted On : October 28, 2009
    Hi Arti,
    Just got my wife's phone back from repair. It had the same problem. Had some discussion with them before. Then the repair was for free.
    The thing is that the ankle is not part of the housing (which is excluded from the warranty), but a separate function of the phone.
    Good Luck with your repair.
    Posted On : May 7, 2009
    Sorry, not a comment about U9.
    Here just hoping mobile88 would update/ fix the advanced search option (ex. gsmarena)
    Would be very usefull for us.
    Posted On : March 16, 2009
    I bought this phone in august 2008. my friend had it and I liked what I saw. But within a month of my buying it, its flip top started giving me trouble. It would open with a bit of ressistance. Before I realized what was happening, the corner below the hinge (where the top is attached to the phone) came out.

    Now my friendís phone has developed the SAME defect. On top of it, the place where I purchased it from ( RPG Cellucom) has the same model displayed there which has the SAME defect. Its seems to be a design defect.

    Since then I have been running from pillar to post. I am willing to pay (though the phone is still in warranty period) for a replacement of the b

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