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Motorola A920

Motorola A920
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The A920 is a tri-band GSM/GPRS/UMTS phone. Considering that the phone has so many functions and built-in accessories it was to be expected that the bulk would show. The A 920 indeed at 212 gms does show a lot of flab. However it is well worth to carry it around considering the endless features that it has. The Li-Ion battery has a tough time keeping up with the power hungry phone however, it is not that bad if you do no continuously use the special functions. Need some response from you folks as to how the battery has performed after use. The color LCD is huge and shows 64,000 colors. The size is 208 x 320 pixels. Since the makers have packed in a lot of stuff into the phone, I guess there wasn,t any place left for the antenna. Whatever the case the antenna is an external stub type. Luckily the stub doesn,t create much of a problem during storage. Anyway the size of the phone prevents any possibilities such as putting it into the pocket so the question of the antenna creating trouble while storage is not possible. Navigation through the phone is very simple using the navigational keys provided. Phone book capacity as well as ring tones pose no problem at all since they are not bound by some capacity but have a shared memory. Polyphonic ring tones are also compatible. Being more of a PDA then a phone, multiple numbers as well as other details can be stored for each contact.

Standard functions such as Calculator, Calendar as well as Alarm. The built-in camera delivers a great performance with capacity to capture still photographs as well as video cameras, video clips upto 60 seconds. The camera swivels so the A 920 can also be used to make video calls (video confrencing). The camera has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, not too great but quite good when viewed on the phone screen itself. The user has a host of personalizable features such as custom graphics which can be downloaded and set as wallpapers, ring tones and the works. This data capable phone also allows you to check your email. The A 920 does fall into the category of a PDA and so has everything that one can dream of in a new generation mobile phone. This includes but is not limited to a GPS system which lets you know where you are and is particularly helpful in emergencies. To help with the ever increasing memory demanding applications the makers have supplied the PDA with expansion slots which accept Multimedia card and Secure Digital (SD) type cards. For high speed data transfers the GPRS technology can be used. For Europe the new UMTS technology has also been included.

Since the A 920 has a camera and a great color screen, the Picture ID works beautifully. Speakerphone gives no problem, clarity on both ends without the problem of echoing normally associated with speaker use. As mentioned before the phone is able to handle video calls, one way streaming video as well as storing and viewing video files. The touch screen is fun to use, especially along with the stylus and handwriting recognition features. Other exciting functions including voice dialing, voice memo. The voice memo comes to my aid many times especially when a pad and pen are not handy and something has to be jotted down. Much better to simply store it in the phone and retrieve later, no cause of misplacing the note either! Wireless Internet works smoothly based on the Opera browser, which supports all the major internet page formats including xHTML, cHTML, HTML, GIF, JPEG, MPEG, BMP. The phone has WAP 2.0.

Though there is no bluetooth, for communication between compatible devices the Infrared port can be used perfectly. PC Synchronization is also possible, here the USB port can be used. Viewing and forwarding MMS is a pleasure with the large screen of the A 920 from Motorola. Via SMS it is possible to not only send photos but also attach audio clips, text as well as video. Two way SMS is also supported. T9 predictive text input makes it extremely easy to compose messages.

A great PDA meant for the serious user who intends to take full advantage of the technology that the A 920 has to offer

Key Features

  • 3G UMTS
  • Triband GSM 900/1800MHz/1900MHz
  • Screen Resolution: 208x320 pixels, 16 bit/64K colors
  • Touch Screen
  • Built-In 8MB memory with expandable SD/MMC slot
  • Integrated camera (640x480 resolution)
  • Symbian OS
  • GPS
  • Audio playback - 128kbps (AAC, MP3) or 64kbps (WMA)
  • Audio streaming - 128kbps (AAC)
  • Video playback - 256kbps
  • Video streaming - 64kbps to 384kbps
  • Speakerphone
  • Java
  • Opera browser
  • GPRS
  • WAP 2.0
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • MMS and EMS
  • USB port
  • Sync ML
  • Build-in handsfree
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