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Motorola A768i

Motorola A768i
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By Guest Contributor (Tempest811)

This is my first review ever written so Im sorry if I do it a little differently than you guys are used to. I am writing this review as more of my personal response to the phone rather than explaining intricate details like how you would go about dialing out and what steps you take to change something.

My mobile phone history consists simply of a SE t610. I have also used a T-mobile pocket PC for a few days so I know both sides (pda and phone) for which to compare.

The phone is a flip. Colored a deep charcoal color. It will automatically flip all the way open after u open it about 50 degrees. The groove around the side where u can get ur finger under to flip it open is a little small so sometimes it,s a little challenging to open with one hand..but getting used to it has made it much easier for me now. The antenna does not pull,s just a stub. The camera on the back is almost flush but there is a raised groove around it and the speaker that makes things a bit better in terms of protection on laying it down. The hinge could be a potential problem. If you drop your phone a lot, then this hinge will probably break eventually. It doesn,t look very solid on the corners - that is my main concern. The minimalistic use of buttons on the front pretty much forces you to use the touchscreen. I really don,t use any of the buttons. On the side is the volume rocker switch which has to be pressed about 10 times to go from full volume to it,s not very sensitive in terms of the volume level steps.

For me, the screen is one of the absolute best parts of this phone. It is gorgeous. The colors (though 65k) look amazing and the contrast is great too.

You can only adjust the amount of backlight on the screen...which kinda sucks because I would like to be able to play with the contrast and saturation. If you look down on the screen from an angle above it, it gets this solarized look and if you look at it from an angle below perpendicular, it loses contrast. One thing I think is kinda cool is that if you touch the screen on its default state (with the 4 menu items at the top), they will go away and you will only have your background. kinda like a still screensaver.

With the flip closed, pressing the right side-button, the clock will appear in the window aong with the battery, reception, date, etc.. but what I don,t like is that it only stays lit for like 2 seconds. You have to keep it held if you really wanna see what time and date it is.....meh

This phone is fast. For example, it takes about 1.5 seconds to load up a 2.5 minute video, and any size mp3 is practically instantaneous. The phone comes with all your typical mumbo jumbo (calculator, calendar, etc..). The tasks are useful and work well but you are limited (im not sure by what word count exactly) in your notes for the tasks.

The picsel browser the phone comes with is freaking aweosme. being able to read various documents straight from my computer it such a great business tool. This really helps give the phone a bigtime PDA boost. It,s even just fun to throw a document around with the way it uses the momentum from your stylus to scroll. lol

I did manage to download some other little java apps such as a "puncher" for logging my hours worked and keeping track with dates. Having only 4 main menus at the top makes the phone look nicer but it makes you do a lot more navigating. I mean if you just wanna use something on the phone, it averages around 2 to 3 presses of the screen...which is nothing. But what I noticed is that the ,setup, menu only holds the very broad options of the phone. For any other specific modifications, you need to dive right in and find the function and practically start using it before you can get to the options for it (generally accessed in the bottom right). The phone also has a right-click function which can be counterintuitive because sometimes the options you are looking for are in the bottom right pop-up menu and sometimes its in the right-click menu. To right-click on something is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE NECK. You have to hold your finger/nail/stylus on it for like 2 seconds and as soon as the menu comes up, if you still have your finger depressed, it will select whatever on the pop-up menu was right under your finger (AGHHHH IT DRIVES ME NUTS). You just have to either move your finger while it,s coming up or release at exactly the right time.

Dialing is a sinch. Tap the phone and start dialing or tap the contacts, tap the person, tap which phone, and bang it takes no time at all. The buttons are big enough for no worries about that.

The regular phone speaker is about average for a cell phone...not quite loud enough for my insensitive ears but not quiet. The speakerphone is aweosme though. No distortion and its just the right volume. Also a bonus is that the people I speak to while im on speakerphone can,t tell ive switched to speakerphone at all. Call quality is great and people say i sound clearer than on my se t610. The reception is great too.

Though this phone is not branded as a true multimedia phone (as the e680 is), it still rocks. The mono speaker in the back will belch your mp3,s quite loud. The stereo headphone jack turns this phone into a 52MB capacity mp3 player basically...which is awesome. The movie playback is limited to the .3gp format which is a downside but if you want your movies on your phone, open up quicktime pro, convert, transfer, and bingo...I was actually surprised how good my videos look even with the degredation in resolution and codec.

The camera is a joke! The pictures are so bad it,s not even funny. Ironically they actually look better on the phone than they did after I transferred them via bluetooth to my computer - I don,t know why. The video camera also is a joke. I mean they work and such but don,t expect anything out of this.

View a movie made with the phone (about 8MB)

Pictures taken with the phone:

Full Zoom

This phone does hi-res pictures justice. whether it,s with the picsel browser to view huge pictures or the phone,s native size background with a really nice picture, it all looks good. The slideshow is cool because it automatically views wider pictures landscape-wise (sideways).

One thing about the speaker is that it gets quite muffled if you put your finger over it and plug the hole. So if you phone is real tight against your leg (which is uncommon), it can dramatically reduce the volume of the ring. The phone will not disappoint with media..i can promise you that.

The straw that broke my camel,s back was that I could not for the life of me sync the a768i with my computer via USB and with ANYTHING via infared (pocket PC, t610). Some guy at this forum says he did get it to sync via both but he won,t respond to my PM,s on how. So basically I was forced to get a USB bluetooth transmitter and fortunately that worked just fine. The bluetooth works great on this phone, for all you bluetooth freaks out there. I don,t know if this really matters but my average transfer rate to my computer was around 10-15 kb/s.. so big videos are kind of a pain.

Message action
If you like to text while on the run, this phone will take some getting used to. The qwerty keyboard is small so u either have to use ur fingernail or the stylus. I can use my nail fine when im standing still but its so hard when im moving...there,s just so little friction on the smooth screen. The stylus makes writing text messages quick if you wanna use the qwerty keyboard. That,s what I prefer. I don,t use the handwriting very much because I just dont have much stylus experience with the shorthand stuff so I get the letters wrong a lot but just using my normal handwriting. The handwriting is quick though and I can totally see it being awesome for someone whose experienced...but i,m quicker with the keyboard. The text message text is great and the little flashing "!" button at the top when you get a message is cool.

Basically messaging in general on this phone is sweet. It almost makes it fun.

Battery Life
The battery life on this phone, considering how much it must use up, is great. I dont have any long-term numbers of hours of use but I can say that using the a768i strictly as a phone with a couple calls and around 15 outgoing text messages day , it will last about 2.5 days. I have had a few days where I have the bluetooth on practically all day, listening to mp3,s, making calls, tons of text messages, watching movies, messing around with the picsel browser and the phone will last probably 24 hours. It really depends on how long u leave it charging after it SHOWS it being full.

I wanted to give this its own section because it,s so great. The contacts list is the best I have seen in a phone. You can file people under any number of folders and give each folder a different ringtone if you like. You can text straight fomr the contact,s number. If all you have put in is their cell # for example, under it it will have that same number but with a little mail icon and you just hit that and it takes u right to either an SMS or MMS message. You can jump to the first letter of their name but that,s it. Normally that wouldn,t be cool but you can see 9 names at a time and jump in sets of 9 using the up-n,-down d-pad at the bottom they made it real nice to get around in there.

And the icing on the cake, here,s all the info you can put under EACH contact: Name: Picture: (click on icon..not a field) Category: Mobile: Mobile2: Home: Home2: Work: Work2: Fax: Pager: E-mail: E-mail2: IM ID: IM ID2: Ringtone: Company: Job Title: Webpage: Birthday: (calendar tool) Address1: Street: City: State: Country: Zip Code: Address2: Street: City: State: Country: Zip Code: Note:

That,s definite PDA action. I am really happy with that.


What kind of person this phone is for: Someone who is tired of using regular phones with standard features. People who like a good balance in a phone...nice PDA functions, expandability, perfectly good phone, lots of space, and an ability to view/play many forms of media. I can even see people who are used to just PDA,s liking this phone.

It really is a great phone. I am so happy with my purchase.

Pros: Contacts, battery life, messaging, good bluetooth, mp3 quiality of playback, good speakerphone, picsel browser, speed, screen, record phone convos with a push of a button, and size.

Cons: Camera, non-expandable memory, hard to find certain options, .3gp video only, text-on-the- run is tricky, vibrate THEN ring = sux, right-clicking is not fun.

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Posted On : October 25, 2011
This could not posislby have been more helpful!

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