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HTC Touch Double Memory comments

HTC Touch Double Memory comments
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HTC Touch doubled its memory, bringing its RAM to 128MB and ROM to 256MB. This revision is available in the Asia-Pacific region and replaces the original version.
HTC Touch Double Memory user comments / reviews :

Posted On : September 23, 2009
I'm interested in this phone, anyone like to sell? KL area only, kindly contact 0176370805

Posted On : March 12, 2009
Selling HTC touch-double memory (black color).Comes with Original handset ,USB cable, HTC pouch, charger. Asking price is RM 1100 nett (nego). kindly contact me 0173707856. thx.

Posted On : June 29, 2008
Selling 3 months old HTC touch-double memory (maroon color).Under SIS 2 yrs warranty. Comes with Original handset ,USB cable, 1gb sd card, charger. Asking price is RM 1200 nett. kindly contact me 0123203194. thx.

Posted On : June 18, 2008
hi, any1 got a used 1 in black or maroon color pls let me know @ +60132413848

Posted On : June 10, 2008
selling HTC touch p3452
-doubled memory
-pure white
-3 months
-original , under SIS warranty
-wif ori handset,charger,1gb micro SD,cable
-stil in perfect scratch...

price is rm 1200...if interested pls email to

Posted On : May 10, 2008
heyya.. haku dah beli hp nieh.. tp xdpt mms plak.. hp niey ble mms ke x?? kalu ble camana nak setting??

Posted On : May 05, 2008
Selling this 2 months old HTC touch-double memory.Under SIS warranty. Comes with Original handset ,USB cable, 1gb sd card, charger. Asking price is RM 1200 nett. kindly contact me 0122249968. thx.

Posted On : April 23, 2008
sesiapa ada komen tak pasal pda nie tak..... saya tgk mcm menarik ajer....sesiapa ada pakai tu tlg le komen bg kengkawan yg nak beli tu....saya tgk reganya ok....yg baru je dah blh dpt nak tahu selalu hangging tak?...atau ada masalah yg sewaktu dgnnya...pasal sekali tgk ok...dua kali check prosessor dia kecik aje 200Mhz je kat sini.....

Posted On : April 16, 2008
hai wani....kat tecso melaka....ada kedai phone....baru punya set boleh dpt RM17++ awatnya hang mahu jual yg dah terpakai kureng 200 ratus ajer.....maybe less uses ker?....ada baper lama lg warranty lg.....

Posted On : March 10, 2008
Hey!!! i wanted to sell this phone for with 2G mmc.... complete set with box... pearl white colour... tip-top condition anyone that interested, email me at or call 012-2264824
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