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Asus P835

Asus P835
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Asus P835, a PDA phone that delivers an Internet browsing and multimedia viewing experience without equal. Designed for business-savvy professionals who appreciate a screen as big as their ambitions, the Asus P835 is equipped with a large 3.5” touchscreen that runs at WVGA resolution—offering five times the number of pixels of most phones and delivering the best document, photo, movie and website viewing experience possible. Apart from being able to display more of a webpage onscreen, the Asus P835 boasts features that greatly enrich users’ online experience, including blazing fast HSUPA 7.2Mbps download speeds, a responsive trackball that makes scrolling effortless and Opera Mobile, a user-friendly and full-featured Web browser. It wraps all of its impressive functionality in an elegant touch-optimized interface which is intuitive, interactive and attractive.

Unparalleled Internet Browsing Experience
The ASUS P835 is designed to help users get the most out of the Internet. It is embedded with Opera Mobile, a fast, user-friendly and rich-featured browser that brings a complete Web experience to the Asus P835. Users will be able to perform the full breadth of online tasks—from hopping onto their social networking sites and updating their blogs, to checking email and viewing streaming video. The Asus P835 also enables users to switch between 12-key, half-Qwerty and full-Qwerty virtual keyboard modes, allowing them to choose an input method that best suits their current task. A responsive tracking ball significantly improves scrolling, and the phone’s large 3.5” display ensures every webpage is displayed crisply and vividly.

Crystal Clear 3.5” WVGA Touchscreen
The Asus P835 is equipped with a large 3.5” touchscreen that runs at WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution—offering five times the number of pixels of most phones—thus rendering the P835 capable of delivering unprecedented clarity and screen real estate. Regardless of whether it is used for watching movies in full screen, browsing through photos, perusing documents or surfing the Internet, the Asus P835 will provide visual enjoyment on the mobile platform like never before.

New Glide: The Best Mobile Interface, Now Even Better
The Asus P835 features an updated, streamlined and enhanced iteration of ASUS’ exclusive Glide—the most innovative, intuitive and interactive mobile user interface available today. New Glide has been given a significant facelift over its predecessor, boasting new icons that take the beauty and interactivity of the interface up a notch—making the best even better. Subtle, bold, modern, swanky or sweet—the Asus P835 has a theme that will appeal to everyone.

Doubles as a Wi-Fi Access Point
The Asus P835 has the additional ability to function as a Wi-Fi Access Point. It can share its high-speed HSDPA cellular data or Internet connection over Wi-Fi with up to 10 devices, such as laptops or other PDA phones. Connecting devices is a simple affair thanks to the P835’s user-friendly interface, and dropped connections are automatically restored.

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Asus P835 photo 1
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Asus P835 Preview
Time: 4:25
Photo Gallery
Asus P835 photo 1
Top Videos
Asus P835 Preview
Time: 4:25
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User Comment
Posted On : September 18, 2009
I bought this phone in last PC fair in KLCC.. after 2 months the touchscreen started giving problem.. i send the to phone for repairing to Asus service center, after 2 week i got my phone back...but it worked fine for 2 days and again the touchscreen is completely dead i cannot do any thing with the phone.. any suggestions to sue the company.
Posted On : April 20, 2009
Steven, How much do you pay for your P835 at PC Fair? Normal selling price in store in Malacca is RM 2,299
Pk Steven
Posted On : April 14, 2009
i just bought on 11 Apr KLCC - PC fair ,
found that phone book storage can only save with single number on 1 person,
can't make save 2nd number, e-mail, fax, and some others detail ...
i am not sure is missed out programm file or installation error .....
Because this is PDA , should be able to save more detail in a same person contact ....

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