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Asus P750

Asus P750
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Retail Price: RM 1,230
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Designed to cater to users who require a full-featured PDA phone that can deliver top-notch business as well as GPS functions, ASUS, producer of top-notch handhelds, has launched the new ASUS P750 PDA Phone. Winner of the 2007 Japan G-Mark Award, this revolutionary handheld wonder is able to provide high speed data transfers, complete business applications; as well as total connectivity to networks including: HSDPA, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB & GPS.

Complete Connectivity and Business Features
With complete 3.5G high speed network coverage (HSDPA 3.6Mbps), Tri band GSM (GSM 900/1800/1900), WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b+g), Bluetooth V2.0+ EDR, USB 1.1 and a built-in GPS antenna, the P750 truly allows the user to be connected to the world. What’s more, it comes with a complete range of exclusive business features to aid the business-oriented consumer in their daily work.

These business features include Ur Time – which allows the user to view the time of various cities on the Today screen. This useful feature ties in with the Meeting Time Planner, which helps eliminate the hassle of time converting and makes meeting scheduling more efficient than ever before. The Newstation provides up-to-date news and blog updates through RSS settings – keeping users in the know about current events or website updates, while the Auto Cleaner function keeps the device in tip-top condition and operating with the best performance by cleaning up unwanted data. Last but not least, the Business Card Recognition feature utilizes the 3 Mega-pixel Auto Focus camera to easily capture details of a business card without tediously keying in the data into their contacts.

Travelog GPS Shares Memorable Journeys
Travelog is an interesting feature that allows users to record and share their travelling pictures, routes, Points of Interests (POIs) and schedules. With support for Google Earth´s satellite maps format, users can create a diary of events during their travels and put together snapshots and other interesting tidbits of their travels onto their blogs – allowing them to share with others their memorable travels as they trek across from one key point to another along their journeys. The powerful built-in GPS antenna also combines seamlessly with the on-board navigation software and supports TMC (Traffic Message Service) – allowing users to obtain real-time traffic updates that can help them avoid traffic jams (Depends on local operator support). With the GPS Catcher feature, the P750 is able to update satellite data quickly – providing fast and accurate location fixes for navigating while on-the-go.

Never Get Lost with Location Courier
The Location Courier feature of the P750 will also help prevent users from ever getting lost by accurately and periodically reporting their position to their pre-defined friends´ contacts. Even in locations with vast, open country, the global GPS network will always be able to locate the user – making this handy PDA phone the best safeguard for their daily safety.

Convenient User-Friendly Input
Smart input methods allow users to utilize either the keypad or the screen for faster inputs, and dual inputs of text and numbers require no extra switching – making inputs more efficient. For example, users can show the symbol table on screen while using the keypad to input characters to maximize input speed. Smart word prediction and auto correction makes message inputs even faster, and the P750 even provides multi language support that switches quickly from one language to another

Intuitive Contact List Search
The contact list searching is conveniently done via directly keying in of the name on the keypad. All contact names that comply to the combination will show up – making it exceedingly easy to search for someone’s details. For example, just input "2", "6", and all combinations including Amber, Andrew, Bonnie & Cody will show up. Users can even pre-set 1~99 sets of contacts and quick dial them by just holding on to the respective keypad number. All this can be conveniently done with the jog-dial or the 5-way navigation key – making this PDA phone easily operable with just one hand.

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Photo Gallery
Asus P750 photo 1
Asus P750 photo 2
Top Videos
Asus P750 Mini Review
Time: 3:30
Asus P750 Unboxing & Review
Time: 15:49
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User Comment
Posted On : March 14, 2010
Hi everybody.

Can you tell me if it's possible to import contacts and other data from a nokia e51 to Asus P750? I'm going to buy an Asus P750 and would like to know this.

Posted On : November 23, 2009
i have a asusp750 one year old to sell,i am from bangalore,call me on 9343736865 or email me
Posted On : October 4, 2009
Asus P 750 is a great value for money
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