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Asus J502

Asus J502
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ASUS J502 ˇV a "slim-slide" design phone that incorporates a crisp aluminium outlook with emphasis on communication and entertainment functionality. With a large 2.4 inch colour display, easy-to-use function keys and a host of exclusive features, the ASUS J502 is able to combine sleek aesthetics with total entertainment functions.

The ASUS J502 is equipped with the largest 2.4ˇ¨ QVGA panel among feature phones in the market to bring the user a spectacular and vivid visual experience. With this 2.4 inch screen, combined with the high resolution 3 Mega Pixel Auto Focus camera and the powerful flash, users are transformed from an amateur user into a professional photographer.

At just 14.7mm, the J502 is trendy and slim and brings out usersˇ¦ fashion style with its dual-front ID and its camera-like design. The upper portion of the ASUS J502 incorporates the large 2.4ˇ¨ 262k color display with large function keys that aid the user in utilizing the camera. Sliding up the unit reveals the refined numeric keypad design ˇV providing users efficient text inputs for SMS and MMS. They will also find it easy to navigate all these functions via vivid 3D icons included in the innovative 3D User Interface.

The ASUS J502 is able to provide users with many multimedia entertainment options. One such option is the TV Out function. Users will be able to output pictures and videos taken on the ASUS J502 directly to a TV via a connection to share memorable memories with friends and family. With its large screen, users will find that reading words on the screen to be more comfortable for their eyes. Real-time RSS feeds will provide users with the latest news, sports, politics and international affairs while E-Books will give users the convenience to view favorite books without the need of a PC or a Notebook.

The ASUS J502 contains a full range of innovative features that provide users with convenience and versatility. A powerful feature the ASUS J502 has is data security. If users happen to lose their phone or leave it at home, they can send a specified SMS to remotely control the ASUS J502 to ˇ§ˇ¨, ˇ§call forwardˇ¨, ˇ§phone lockˇ¨, ˇ§send V-cardˇ¨ and ˇ§formatˇ¨. This keeps the user from ever worrying about data disclosure should the unexpected happen.

The J502 also supports Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR high-speed data transfers, Bluetooth A2DP stereo headsets, Webcam and Skype Phone functions. With such comprehensive Bluetooth function support, users will not be bothered by the hassle of connecting cables to transfer data or communicate with friends anymore. They can also utilize the Bluetooth Skype Phone function to save costs for calls by dialing and answering Skype calls with the ASUS J502, as well as send Skype SMS. Users will thus have the freedom to move around and have no need to stay in front of PCs to utilize these Bluetooth functions.

Other innovative features on the ASUS J502 include the useful Call Filter, which filters calls to avoid unnecessary interruptions during meetings or inconvenient times; and the built-in Longman Dictionary with a database of 80,000 English words for ease in looking up obscure English words.

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Photo Gallery
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