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Apple iPhone 5 review

Apple iPhone 5 review
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The iPhone 5 surpasses its predecessors in virtually every aspect, and it is without a doubt the best offering from Apple so far. Despite the oversight with regards to the maps, it isn't quite the off-putting flaw that makes the iPhone 5 any less of a beast (especially since it can be rectified). While it isn’t exactly ahead of its Android competitors in raw performance, the fact of the matter is that Apple has packaged it in such a way that it works with aplomb. We do wish that Apple has taken bold measures to go even further, but in hindsight, we’re struggling to come up with what else they could have "re-invented", so to speak. Ultimately, while the iPhone 5 isn't going to win anyone over from the Android camp over, it is the best thing yet for those holding the Apple banner.

Writen by mobile88 Editor: Nigel Chew, on Thursday, October 04, 2012


At a glance

+ A speedier and smoother experience

+ Improved battery life

- Horrible built-in mapping solution

- Lack of innovative features on the OS

iPhone 5

With every new revision of Apple’s iPhone that comes along, this has turned into an annual ritual for all of us. The general consensus with all reviews for Apple’s flagship device have got to be the improvement of the successor over its predecessor, and, god forbid, faults that come along with it. As a standalone device, there is no doubt that the iPhone 5 is a great device, but how much of an improvement over the iPhone 4S is it? Read on to find out.

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